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Website 26. May, 2017


Gla to visit your site.

Website 16. Mar, 2017

Charli Troy

There is seriously no match when it comes to your great site, full of information and trustworthy content. Respect from bottom of my heart.

3. Mar, 2014

Louie foley aged 4

The Plucky Police Car

I liked when the cows were on the road. I liked when the cars were zooming

3. Mar, 2014

Lils Foley aged 6

Miss Flimp's Friend Loves Books

It was a nice story, I liked the rhyming and how the author makes all the rhyming work. It is nice when she goes to the library and finds all the books for free and how she makes friends. Also I like the bit at the end when it gives an idea for a story.

3. Mar, 2014

Lils Foley

Miss Flimp's Destiny

I liked it, the drawings were cool and I like the rhyming in it. It was funny when she went on twitter. It had a nice ending, when she went to the hospital to comfort the children