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Miss Flimp’s  Destiny  © Zoe Ainsworth-Grigg

Copyright Zoe Ainsworth-Grigg


In the town’s factory there was a busy atmosphere.

 Everyone wanted to work there, far and near.

The factory made all kinds of dolls,

 Baby dolls, crying dolls,

 Talking dolls,

 Walking dolls,

 Special ones for a fee,

They even made a doll that could wee!


But like everything else fashions can change and

Some of the old dolls looked terribly strange.

Miss Flimp was a doll made ages ago,

When the factory just started

And dolls were made for show.


The doll called Miss Flimp was the last of a line

And was left on a shelf to sit and decline.

She sat and she watched from high on a shelf,

 She felt useless and powerless, she wasn’t herself.

Her body was fabric her hair made from wool,

She had no clothes and worst of all,

She felt like a fool.

Who would want to buy her now, after so long?

She was getting weaker and she’d never been strong.


Day after day she got more depressed,

What could she do to make the staff get her a dress?



Miss Flimp got fed up with sitting all alone,

 If only she was able to use a mobile phone.


One night by mistake the computer was left running.

With this opportunity Miss Flimp used some cunning.

Miss Flimp took action and down with a jump

She TWEETED, she’d show them she wasn’t a frump.

She found out that a boy had broken his knee playing ball,

She sent some good wishes and said,

“Sorry about your fall”

Of course the tweets were traced and parents sent thanks,

 But they weren’t noticed, trade increased

And the factory enhanced.


The accountant came and found the anomaly

But profits were up, so what could it be?

He was puzzled and kept scratching his head,

 But with a charge so small he put it down to expenses instead.


Each night when the factory closed,

Miss Flimp tweeted at whim,

The other stock was too proud to join in.

And left to herself, she thought she was really something.


Sadly, the manager’s secretary had a keen eye, she spotted Miss Flimp,

“How adorable!” She cried.

“My grandmother had a doll like that; can I restore her and give her a hat?”


The manager said he was willing and so Miss Flimp was taken home,

******“Iit”    - replace with” It”- became quite thrilling. 

Miss Flimp was astonished she was given such care. 

She was washed and given new hair,

She wondered what she would be given to wear.

The secretary started by designing a dress, with a hat and a coat

And some marvellous boots.

 An apron, a bag to take out,

After being so nude Miss Flimp thought she looked cute.

Miss Flimp was amazed at this new turn of events,

********But how could she now, “give”  - replace with “tweet” her compliments.


She was wrapped up very gently in tissue paper

And later that day Miss Flimp was shipped to a charity.


 She was slipped into a sack,

 Destined who knows where,

 Would she every get back?


Well, Miss Flimp liked the hospital, and the children’s ward.

It was very bright and clean.

The nurses were so busy, so it would seem.

There really wasn’t a lot of time to sit and chat.

Perhaps Miss Flimp would be useful for that.


She sat by the bed of a small, poorly child,

 She put on her apron and gave her friendly smile.

Just to be there, was a comfort on her part

 And Miss Flimp kept the child deep in her heart.


She became a valued member of the Hospital toys,

For girls of course but sometimes for boys.

Sometimes a lass or a lad,

Might be missing his Mum or his Dad,

And Miss Flimp would make a special effort,

Keeping loving kindness for them in all of her thoughts.


Miss Flimp felt that this

 Was what she was made for,

In this difficult world,

If you find your destiny

No one can ask for more.


Miss Flimp sends this message towards

Children, out in the blue,

Don’t be worried in life what you‘ll do,

Life’s an adventure and you are the seed,

Love in action will always succeed.

No matter whom you are,

Remember to always follow your star.


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