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Pengallen Hall


Synopsis of Pengallen Hall

Eugenie is an aspiring artist and writer in her middle to later years. Creativity comes easily but now she was in later life she longed for fame and something to make her family proud of her. She wants to be inspired and finds an advertisement to courses run at Pengallen Hall.  Yvonne another woman who is a teacher of children who are recovering from hospitalisation is  a lonely woman, divorced single mother whose children have now flown the nest.  She too discovers Pengallen Hall which holds not only day courses but also residential courses.

They both go on courses, literature, singing, painting and they both meet Walter.  Walter first tries to seduce Eugenie as they have writing in common.  However Eugenie doesn’t want the complication of an affair in her life and she is torn by her sexual desires but eventually rejects Walter. Walter is also attracted to Yvonne. the triangle become coplcated and Yvonne begins to hate Eugenie.


 The Aussie Affair

When Kit comes to London it is for a short term contract to get together money for travelling.  Rosie on the other hand comes to London to get a career.  they meet over the photocopier.  Set in the 1980's this story is about an Australian boy and a girl from the provinces. Contains er


Romance Times Two  by Zoe Ainsworth-Grigg

Sweet pain of remembering first love! Can we go back or must we accept the finality of the perfect past.

University romantic lovers part suddenly due to pregnancy through infidelity. They both suffer trial and tribulation and unsuccessful other relationships. The heroine finds redemption through association with the Quakers. Their paths cross again by chance and is love rekindled?  Both have matured and can their love be consummated in the light of their experiences or must they remain “good friends”? or

Bedroom Blossom by Zoe Ainsworth-Grigg

What can a woman do if unwanted attention comes from a man into S&M.  Caroline’s solution may have been a bit extreme.

Caroline is a successful Social Worker in London, until a midlife crisis hits her husband and she is divorced for another woman.  She enters depression but finds a way out. Selling up and moving she has grand designs until she is plagued by her sexual desires. She is trapped and there is only one way out.  But her guilt is extreme.  Her fate is absolute.


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Somerset Sex and Romance




Revenge or Resolve

What do we do when we are hurt by trauma, some forgive and never trust again but some of us get revenge.  This psychological thrilling book is about revenge and second opportunities.








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