22. Feb, 2014


How E-devices can help your child’s education


Children’s Book Week held in the first week in October named ten books that children should read before they are fourteen. OK, but how do we encourage our children to find that delight in the written word, and a sense of loosing oneself in a story.

A story before bedtime is a time honoured tradition but more and more of our children are turning to electronic delights and amusements. It is really surprising that our children can operate these devices even more quickly than we can. I suppose we distrust them because our children are controlling their own choices with minimal parental supervision. They become engrossed in a computer game so easily.

Now Schools are seeing the positive aspects of electronic devices and some schools have IPads on each desk, and actively encourage good usage of electronic devices for learning.

A Somerset author Zoe Ainsworth Grigg, , began writing her stories with E books in mind for children. If we encourage our children to use Dad or Mum’s Kindle or Mum or Dad’s IPad to read a children’s story, then this encourages creative use of our technological age.

Zoe publishes for Kindle and other electronic devices.  For instance, her book “The Fabulous Miss Flimp,” is available on Amazon but also at Smashwords.com.  Smashwords can allow you to download a book to your computer as a pdf.  In “The Fabulous Miss Flimp”, is a story of the history of fashion and are lots of dresses illustrated. The illustrations are in black and white and children can also colour them in.

Miss Flimp is a doll which was designed and made by Zoe.  The pattern is available on her craft blog zoeainsworthgrigg.blogspot.co.uk (no www) as well as other craft projects that children can enjoy.  Zoe also pins interesting craft projects for children that she researches and puts on Pintrest, (search zoe ainsworth-grigg)  She is a trained person- centred art therapist and has always felt that any creative activity, such as craft ,dancing, music or creative writing is very life enhancing.

In her book “Miss Flimp’s Friend Loves Books”, there is a project to write your own story and Zoe also includes web references, encouraging children to look things up on the computer. For instance in her book for boys, “The Plucky Police Car” which is based on a true story,  there is a web reference for Utube to see the news item.

Tablets, love them or hate them they are here to stay.

If you download one of my stories for your children I am sure they will love them.

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